We share the best ways Handicappers can start a free Sports Handicapping Website business.


“Most Handicappers are just not sure where to turn when getting a website, how to get started, or what they want in a website.” –Sean Dice

I will talk about the “100% FREE” and very cheap ways to make a “good” sports handicapping website. Because in some cases the free website is not always the best.

Google blogger will give you a blog/website that can make you money, but your domain will look something like this: (SportsBettingDomain.blogger.com) You see the underlining/red text of your name/sports handicapping service in the domain? This is not really benefiting you in any way, because you are ultimately sending traffic to bloggers. The longer sports betting websites are live the better they really become. This is a fully functional online business and it’s best to have your content in your full control.

This is number 2 because it is still a good service for the money, but there are lots of downsides that make this less attractive free service.

Shopify is an e-commerce platform for the most part, while the others above are more blogging platforms. It’s easy to use, easy to sell picks  Get it now




The biggest problem in tech these days is finding something truly free, and good stuff is getting harder to find.

So here are the cheapest ways to make handicapping websites. First, you are going to need a domain name. One thing to keep in mind, in most cases the hosting company will give you a domain if you buy hosting. *keep in mind you get max value if you host your own website.

Making websites is a service I charge for but I love doing what I do so I am always willing to take time to share with handicappers how to make a handicapping business. Most hire someone to help because It’s not easy starting with a blank sheet and getting everything up and running so I am going to show you how you, YES YOU! Can to make professional-looking sports handicapping website for free no strings attached.

Some of this might be hard to fully understand, but there are many ways to make a website. I Personally like WordPress because with the little technical experience you can make changes to the website.

What’s in a truly free website? This is the bottom line, if you are serious about making money at handicapping, it’s a lot like gambling, if you want something nice you are going to need to pay a few bucks and invest and take a risk. The Truth is most of 100% free-website services are not that great because they are sub-domains of another website.

For example free blog service: www.blogger.com.

Because there are many successful blogger blogs and other website platforms, I personally feel if you are going to put any real-time into your website I think you should be in control of your own content. own your content website.

Before getting started you will need some stuff.


  1. Paypal account – to make payments, this is free.
  2. Web Hosting – Web hosting by eBoundHost for just $4 a  month. for your website. $80-$100 a year. *but again the free route is 100%
  3. Domain name – a name for your business. $9-$14 *if you shop for deals sometimes you can get a free domain with your hosting purchase.

These are what I call unavoidable bottom costs just to have a website. It cost about 100 dollars a year-long term, to keep the self-hosted handicapping website going.

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Just like this:

Something else to keep in mind when looking for a Sports Handicapping website. Most handicapping websites are built on a platform for the membership area. By adding a simple shopping cart, you’re in business! what is the bottom line here? Nothing is 100% free. The reason it is not 100% free, is because you still have to cover the cost of the domain name (10$) for your website name this is normally $10.00 a year, and the cost of hosting (10$-150$) for your website will range from $30.00-$100.00 a year, outside of this unavoidable cost the website is 100% free!

So what is the best way to really get started? A website’s looks is not going to make your sales, let me take that back …it helps to have a clean white website, but all the banners and bullshit is not what is going to bring in more money, good engaging content is going to be what gives you the edge to make money in this game.

Start by starting a word doc or cloud google doc and start writing down details, packages, colors you like, websites you like, how you bet, start taking pictures of winning tickets with your smartphone. this is all the content you are going to use over the life of your website. Once you have about 6000 words written down about your idea, this is when it’s the best time to get started.

I have people every day come to me wanting a website with nothing written down.

Get some help with my website
Get some help with my website
Make some banners, add some content, fix issues, add marketing banners, shopping cart, Paypal buttons