How to make a profiting sports handicapping business website 100% FREE or nearly free.

IT’S GETTING HARDER TO GET TRULY “FREE” Sports HANDICAPPING WEBSITE but we have found not only the best, but the cheapest ways to make a sports handicapping website.

Building your handicapping website you will need some stuff. What I call unavoidable cost. Because in some cases the 100% free website is not always the best, sometimes it helps to spend a few bucks. With hosting & domain It cost about $100 a year to host a Sports Handicapping Website.


  1. Domain name – a name for your business. $9-$14 *if you shop for deals sometimes you can get a free domain with your hosting purchase. *One thing to keep in mind, in most cases the hosting company will give you a domain if you buy hosting. *keep in mind you get max value if you host your own website.
  2. Paypal account or Bitcoin – to make payments, this is free.
  3. Optional – Web Hosting – Web hosting by eBoundHost for just $4 a  month. *but again not required.

Will give you a blog/website that can make you money, but your domain will look something like this: ( You see the underlining/red text of your name/sports handicapping service in the domain? This is not really benefiting you in any way, because you are ultimately sending traffic to bloggers. The longer sports betting websites are live the better they really become.

Downside: The Truth is most of 100% free-website services are not that great because they are sub-domains of another website. Free services have upgrades that sometimes cost more than just paying for a website.

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SELF-HOSTED Free. *Just pay hosting

I personally like this one… This is number 2 because it is still a good for a free blog but you don’t get all the good stuff unless you self host your own WordPress site.

Downside: The Truth is most of 100% free-website services are not that great because they are sub-domains of another website.

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Because there are many successful “FREE” blogger blogs and other website platforms, I personally feel if you are going to put any real-time into building your own sports handicapping website I think you should be in control of your own content.

About $29 a month.

Let’s face selling picks is not hard, it’s the shopping cart and Shopify makes it easy *About $29 mo. That breaks down 1$ a day maybe a little less. Shopify is an e-commerce platform for the most part, while the others above are more blogging platforms. It’s easy to use to sell cool shirts!

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100% Free Blog or $39/mo. for shopping cart & members.

Making websites is a service I charge for but I love doing what I do so I am always willing to take time to share with handicappers how to make a handicapping business. Most Handicappers hire someone to help because It’s not easy starting with a blank sheet and getting everything up and running so I am going to show you how you, YES YOU! Can to make professional-looking sports handicapping website for free no strings attached.

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